Sunday, November 4, 2012

Korma Ciabatta: Turning Old Memories Into New

When Tonya and I lived in Manhattan we ate a lot of Indian food. Like twice a week. Ask me how many times we cooked said Indian food ourselves? Exactly zero times. We ate the same thing every single time- Navratan Korma, a mild cashew curry with vegetables. Since we moved to Houston and back in NYC our favorite Indian restaurant closed up shop, we've visited every Indian place in every city we've been to trying to track down a Navratan Korma that could live up to the newly-wed-memory of eating take out curry on the futon while the Yankees play the Sox on tv in our 400 square foot Hell's Kitchen apartment.

We've since attempted to make it ourselves a few times, with reasonable results, but I thought maybe I'd try to forge some new memories with similar flavors and my new bread hobby; tofu, carrot, cucumber, arugula and yogurt sauce on curry ciabatta with raisins, cilantro and cashews.

I used my "lazy" recipe, which is basically Jim Lahey's No Knead Bread. I just added about a tablespoon of curry powder, a handful of chopped cilantro, a few cashews and raisins. The dough was 80% hydration but I think I would go higher next time because the raisins sucked up a bunch of moisture and the crumb ended up a bit more closed than I intended. It turned out to be very tasty though.

Today, instead of watching the Yankees, we spent Sunday afternoon practicing "The 50 States that Rhyme" with our six year old and chasing our super-hero-underoos-wearing three year old around our flat in Switzerland. So no, it's not the same. It was a winner none the less. Cheers to new memories.

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